VividCeleb Releases Courtney Stodden Sex Tape


On Thursday officially added former child-bride Courtney Stodden to it’s collection of nearly two dozen celebrity sex tapes. Stodden, an aspiring country singer, rose to fame at the age of 16 when she wed 51 year old actor Doug Hutchison (the Green Mile, Lost) in May of 2011. Controversy over the couple’s age difference led the couple to appear on several television shows, including Good Morning America, and in late 2012 the couple appeared on an episode of VH1’s Couples Therapy in an attempt to work through issues caused by their 34 year age difference. The couple announced their split in November 2013, but in August 2014 announced that they were back together and intended to renew their vows later in the year.


“Courtney Uncovered: the Courtney Stodden Sex Tape” has a run time of 75 minutes, and features the twenty year old blonde in solo action which is shot under the guise of a “private video” for her lover’s eyes only. The “private leaked sex tape” is a format we’ve grown familiar with for Vivid’s Celebrity releases, including Tila Tequila’s Backdoored and Squirting.

Before Farrah Abraham’s “Backdoor Teen Mom” was released in 2013 the former reality star claimed no sex tape existed, and then attempted to play off that it was a private video with her boyfriend, that was leaked to Vivid. When Abraham’s costar, pornstar turned mainstream actor James Deen, refused to play along with that claim, Farrah attacked him via the paparazzi claiming he didn’t know how to treat a woman, and that he had a small penis. (Deen’s loyal legion of female fans laughed, heartily.)

Like Farrah, TMZ claims Stodden was paid $1 million dollars by Vivid, which she claims she’ll donate to a charity for “kids with cancer,” but according to multiple sources, Stodden was offered a deal similar to Abraham’s actual $10,000+ royalties agreement. What difference do a couple zeroes make? ($990,000 difference, for those keeping score at home.)

courtneystodden4 offers three membership options, starting with a 4 day trial for $4.95, a monthly reoccurring subscription at $39.95, and an annual plan for $95.40. All three options give you access to not only Courtney Uncovered, but also Vivid’s entire celebrity sex tape library which includes the previously mentioned Farrah Abraham, and Tila Tequila videos as well as Kim Kardashian and more than a dozen others all the way back to the legendary Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee honeymoon video released in 1998.

If you’re still trying to make up your mind, check out the following gallery which includes some uncensored images that are definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK.