#TrendingNow: Kim Kardashian Poses Nude On Cover Of Paper Magazine

Despite a social media following of more than a quarter million, and a list of former cover models that reads like a who’s who of the entertainment industry, Paper just might be the most successful magazine that you’re never heard of. The New York City based pop culture mag just celebrated it’s 30th anniversary, and it’s come a long way since launching as a black and white 16 page fold out produced in the office of the New York Times way back in 1984.

But the fact that you’ve probably never heard of Paper is something that the folks in the magazine’s offices set out to change when they set the goal for their Winter 2014 issue: “Break The Internet.” That’s why they chose to have legendary photographer Jean-Paul Goude recreate his famous “Champagne Incident” image, and paired him with a model known for her virality, Kim Kardashian West.

After posting the cover shots to their website Tuesday night, the internet did what it does best. On one hand, the photos spread like wildfire, while on the other hand the mockery of the photos helped them to go viral even faster. To their credit, the fine folks at Paper magazine seemed to enjoy the mockery, and even shared some of their favorite parodies on their website. (The Internet Responds To Kim Kardashian’s Butt) Paper intends to release the images from inside of the magazine on Thursday, and all they’re willing to say about them at the moment is: “Holy fucking shit!

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