Tori Black Reddit AMA Highlights


Two time AVN Female Performer of the Year hosted a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” on Monday afternoon. Here are some of the highlights:


Porn Questions

Has she ever regretted anything she has filmed? “Only one.”

How long does it take to shoot a scene? “It’s usually about 3 hours on set total, for about 45 minutes of sex.”

The weirdest thing she has ever seen happen on set:  “A guy accidentally catch his own money shot in the mouth.”

Does she like creampies? “I love them, but I’ll never do it on camera. The ones that are out are fake cum, lol.”

Tip for guys looking to get into the adult industry: “Shoot 20 amateur videos, and submit them to an agency.”

What won’t she ever do on camera? “I don’t like degrading anyone, myself or others. I’m not into racial slurs, and I don’t like encouraging some of the darker fantasies. While they may be fun, I feel like they lead down a darker path.”

Does she watch her own porn? “No, it’s awkward.”

How does she compete when so much porn is free? “I’m not free. My porn may be, but I am not. My time, my endorsements, my appearances. Not free.”

Did she retire from boy-girl scenes? “Retire isn’t a word I throw around lightly. I’m not shooting currently.”


Questions About Sex Off Camera

Does she treat sex the same on screen as in her private life? “It’s entirely opposite.”

How does her sex life differ in real life from on screen? “More passion at home than ever on camera.”

What’s her ideal penis size? “I don’t have an ideal size. I like the person attached to it.”

Spit or Swallow? “I only swallow if it tastes good, so drink water and eat some damn fruits and veggies.”

How does cum taste? “Why don’t you try it yourself?”

Tips for a beginner on anal? “Coconut oil.”

Sex toy(s) she recommends for a couple? “Hitachi. For both of you.”

Biggest Turn On? “Secure people. Insecurity isn’t sexy.”

Where the hell is the G-Spot? “Different for every vagina.”

Does she truly enjoy anal? “I love the shit out of it… ahahahahaha pun intended. I actually have a magic asshole. It’s always clean, and yes I love it.”

Fan Interactions

How often is she recognized in public? “Very rarely actually, once in a blue moon!”

Weirdest fan encounter: “On the daily people do the obscene and strange to try and stand out. Not much I haven’t seen, including someone telling me that their dog was my biggest fan, and my voice put the dog to sleep, but they themselves didn’t care for me much.”

Has she ever been abused by a fan’s jealous partner?“No. I actually can’t recall a single time someone came to me directly. They probably troll my page and call me a whore, but I’ll never know why.”


Should brothels should be legalized country wide, and what regulations should be enacted to ensure safety?

“Yes. Testing mandatory. Therapy mandatory for at least monthly check ins. Maybe psych evals. It would help keep more girls safe it it were legal.”

What was her vote on Proposition 60? “No.”

Thoughts on Trump winning? “Um, let’s see. We just went back like 60+ years, but sometimes to progress you have to take a few steps back to unite people with a common enemy.”

Random Questions

Did she go to college? “Yes, Western Washington University. I studied journalism.”

Thoughts on the Toblerone change: “Highway robbery! How dare they think I wouldn’t notice that there are less chocolate peaks?!”

Does she play Pokemon? “Absolutely not, lol.”

Does she think the Seahawks should have ran the ball on the goal line in Super Bowl XLIX? “We DON’T TALK ABOUT THAT DAY!”

If she could have sex with any athlete, who would it be? “I don’t want to fuck athletes. I want to watch them win, or workout. While I watch in the corner. And masturbate.”


Book: “Sex, Time, and Power by Leonard Shlain.”
Movie(s):“Scarface, Requiem For A Dream, Forrest Gump, Fear and Loathing.”
Food: “Lasagna with a bazillion mushrooms in it. No meat, naturally.” (Tori is a vegetarian.)
Sex Position: “Cowgirl! Bitch betta work!”
Type of Porn to watch: “Girl-Girl”
Female performer to work with: “Favorite female has always been Celeste Star.”

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