Miley Cyrus Poses Nude For Paper Magazine

After attempting to “BREAK THE INTERNET” with Kim Kardashian’s nude pictorial last November, Paper Magazine is at it again. Last Tuesday, the New York based magazine gave the world it’s first look at the nude pictorial featuring pop star Miley Cyrus from their next issue, which hits news stands on June 22. You can check out the entire uncensored pictorial from Paper Magazine after the jump.

In the accompanying article the 22 year old diva is shown from angles that the media doesn’t usually capture. From talking candidly about her sexuality, coming out to her mother, and becoming vegan, to the inspiration behind the Happy Hippie Foundation, Cyrus shows herself as the intelligent, passionate, socially aware young woman she is. The article points out that while many chose to mock Miley’s 2013 MTV Video Music Awards performance with Robin Thicke, not many noticed when she sent a 22 year old homeless man on stage to accept her 2014 Music Video of the Year VMA for Wrecking Ball. In discussing her work to fight homelessness, Cryus states “I can’t drive by in my fucking Porsche, and not fucking do something.”

Miley also took aim at conservative politicians who rally against the LGBT community stating “These people get to make our laws, that’s fucking insane.” She also likened Christianity to a fairy tale we have outgrown like Santa, and the Tooth Fairy. That led Bristol Palin, who likely still believes in Santa and the Tooth Fairy, to attack Miley in a blog post on Thursday. Bristol called Miley “fake” and a “hypocrite” obviously forgetting that time when she was telling kids to choose abstinence after she became a teen mom.