I Assure You We’re Re-Open!



Well, it sure has been a while, hasn’t it? To say that I have neglected the website would be blatantly obvious, as well as an incredible understatement. I’ve only thrown two articles up on the site over the last 15 months, due to a combination of a lack of motivation, and focusing on a few other ideas.

The lack of motivation is rooted in frustration with the advertising situation on the website. Since the site contains adult content, I am disqualified from using popular affiliate advertising like Google Adsense, and Amazon. At the same time, my audience doesn’t really respond well to porn ads, which could have a lot to do with years of acquired knowledge that clicking on porn banner ads isn’t a very smart idea. So, I took some time to rethink my advertising options, and that brief pause got a little bit out of control.


Once there is a break in the publication schedule, it gets awkward to get back to writing. Do I address the pause? Do I just get back to publishing posts as though the pause never existed? I’ve decided the best option was to address the pause, and throw the site a Grand Re-Opening of sorts.

I’ve always been opposed to calling this website a “blog” or referring to myself as a “blogger.” Over the years since the Porn Clerk started, Facebook has changed how it handles it’s pages, and these days posts only reach a small percentage of their subscribers unless you are willing to pay to expand their reach. Because of that, I have reached a point where I hardly post on the page these days. It’s just not as fun without the reactions and interactions in the comments, not to mention the constant censoring of what I want to post to fit into the site’s guidelines.

Because of that, I have realized that it’s time to embrace the idea of a blog, and get back to posting entertaining, and informative content on a daily basis. Of course that means that I can post NSFW content, which means that we are going to get Fan Flesh Fridays started again very soon, possibly before the end of the month. (Submit your shots to thepornclerk@gmail.com)

In addition to getting the site back on track, I am also working on getting the podcast launched finally. (I have only been planning it since before our last store closed, haha.) I was actually working on a schedule to launch it today, but my laptop shit the bed and delayed that plan, but in the not so distant future you can expect to have a new hour long weekly episode available every Wednesday.

Lastly, I started streaming video gaming to my Youtube channel last winter, but also took a break from that, trying to get into the habit of creating better content. If you’re into video games check that out, and maybe even throw me a subscribe. In addition to the podcast, I am planning on setting up a weekly streaming schedule on the Youtube channel, so you can pop in you are into the games, but you can also stop by just for the live chat which goes along with it.