19 Year Old Woman Charged For Explicit Video Filmed In University Library


Oregon State University’s mascot might be the Beavers, but a former student found out earlier this week that the school has a strict policy against petting the mascot in public. Former OSU student Kendra Sunderland, 19, was charged public indecency by the Oregon State Police on Tuesday. The charge stems from a live streamed video chat Sunderland shot from her laptop’s webcam in Oregon State University’s 6 floor, 340,000 square foot Valley Library in October 2014.


The 31 minute video which streamed initially on Sunderland’s account on MyFreeCams.com, shows a giggling Sunderland exposing her breasts, vagina, and ass, as well as masturbating, while evading the attention of unsuspecting students who pass by her during the video. Through out the video Sunderland constantly types replies to the voyeurs watching her explicit cam show. After the live stream, the full video was later uploaded to PornHub by an unknown source, where it received more than a quarter of a million views in a matter of days, before it was removed from the site.


After the video went viral around the OSU campus, authorities were alerted of the video leading to their investigation. Over the course of that investigation it was determined that Sunderland was the woman depicted in the video, and when confronted with the evidence she admitted her role in the video to Oregon State police.  She was charged with public indecency, a charge which carries a maximum penalty of up to one year in prison, and a $6,250 fine.


It’s uncertain whether Kendra will continue her journey into the world of adult entertainment, after the court case is wrapped up, but with the viral coverage of her arrest, she’d stand to make a whole lot of money from her massively increasing fan base. You can check out a highly explicit gallery of highlights from the Library Video, as well as other uncensored images below.


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